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A Comprehensive High-Quality Toolkit that incorporates all of the essential tools for preparing optical fibres for fusion splicing. Supplied in a heavy duty Euro case, this toolkit is designed for the toughest environments.



  • FUJIKIT-CASE:  Foam lined tool box
  • MS-01:  Primary coat stripper
  • JS-01: Secondary coat stripper
  • LTC-01: Loose tube cutter
  • LTC-02: Loose tube cutter ( peg type)
  • E70-5001: Cable ringing tool
  • KEV-01: Kevlar scissors for clean, easy cutting of inner Kevlar stranding
  • HR-01: Alcohol dispenser
  • STI-200: Lint-free tissues (200)
  • COTTON BUDS:  Lint free miniature cotton buds
  • CB-02: Cinbin for safe disposal of fibres
  • MIRACLIN-UK: Re-usable cleaning cloth
  • GENERAL TOOLS: Knife, tape measure, screwdriver (slotted - Large), screwdriver (slotted - small), screwdriver ( Phillips - Large), screwdriver (Phillips - small), 6" Pliers, 5" Side cutters, Junior hacksaw.
  • DRIVER SET: Precision Driver Set