Preparation Tool Kit STK-01

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Compact tool kit containing all the required tools for accessing and cleaning optical fibres prior to cleaving and splicing.  Fits neatly into the storage compartment of the 70S and 62S fusion splicer carry case.                       



  • Fibre cleaning fluid.Non-flammable, non-hazardous, fast drying optical cleaning fluid. 85g with 3-way dispensing pump/spray.
  • Lint free fibre wipes. Mini-tub with 90 perforated pop-up sheets of 50mm x 50mm
  • Kabifix cable ringing/stripping tool. High quality tool for stripping and ringing the outer sheath of round cables
  • Kevlar scissors for clean, easy cutting of inner Kevlar stranding
  • Loose tube cutters. High-quality Fujikura tool for safe removal of outer tubing without damaging the optical fibres.
  • Miller Tri-hole strippers. Single tool for removing both 250um and 900um outer coating and 2-3mm jacket
  • Lint free miniature cotton buds. These are perfect for cleaning the critical components of fusion splicers, in conjunction with the FPF03M cleaning fluid.
  • Carry case made of hard wearing and durable material