Fiber Optic Solution

  • We Supply electrical cables such as PVC insulated cables, motor winding PVC insulated cables .

  • Design, Develop & Deployement of IT & Network Communication Systems can be done by our Experienced professionals.

  • We deliver a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure by structured cabling system of cabling and associated hardware.

  • Our team can handle,
  •  structure of the building, which houses the cabling installation
  •  The cable and connection products
  •  The types of equipment the cabling installation will support -- present and future
  •  Configuration & Customer Future demands with warranties.

  • We Support Backbone for the Cabling for the entire building/facility with advanced capabilities & machineries as an AMC Contract.

  • Here are list of work we execute,
  •  Strctured Cabling & Testing
  •  Turnkey IT Services
  •  Fiber Optic Installation
  •  Field Testing & Training
  •  Fiber Optic Field Certifications
  •  Fiber Network Deployement