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We are the only test & measurement equipment provider to also offer a full suite of multi-brand repair, calibration and asset management services.

To ensure the accuracy of equipment’s it’s important to perform timely calibration. Improper calibration can also compromise a network and impact smooth services. Getting your equipment calibration and in top running shape with Prologix allows your network to function at peak performance. Our Certified Experts ensure that your equipment is working properly and install necessary manufacturer specified enhancement during the Calibration services.


The Repair services are required when your instrument needs wider repair or component changes in order to restore the original performance.

Services we offer

  1. Fault tracing
  2. Replacement of required
    components with original parts
  3. Instrument adjustment
  4. Functional testing

Equipment we Repair


Calibration ensures that your devices are operating within their specifications and that the measurements they perform are traceable to NIST Standards – an important requirement if you require precision and traceability.

Services we offer

  1. Functional testing
  2. Traceable calibration
  3. Instrument adjustment as needed
  4. Replacement of a filter as needed
  5. Calibration certificate and service
  6. Calibration due date update

 Equipment we Callibrate


Why buy expensive equipment for
occasional use when you can rent it? We provide wide range of fiber optic testing devices as per clients requirement. These equipment are well maintained and calibrated to ensure top performance.

Services we offer

  1. Equipment on Rent
  2. Equipment on Lease

Equipment we Rent

P.S.  After calibration process, we issue a Calibration Certificate with all results, correction factors, and uncertainties.

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